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TOPSGRUP's Corporate AV
 •  The security service
 •  Tight Security during EDM festivals
 •  Event Security: Beyond Just Manpower
 •  Are EDM festivals in goa safe?
 •  Security cos vie for port business
 •  Private security in India needs to be re-energised, says Topsgrup CEO
 •  4,000 city docs sign up for pvt security cover
 •  Topsgrup: Security is Insurance in Running
 •  Topsgrup looking to raise Rs.150-200 cr for acquisitions
 •  Topsgrup Awarded India's Best Security Company
 •  "Topsgrup and the Indian govt work closely to provide the nation with the necessary guidelines to establish fully-functional smart cities" Ramesh Iyer
 •  Topsgrup bags 'Best Security Company' prize at International Brand Leadership Awards
 •  The Captain's Table
 •  Grace under fire
 •  Getting Rich Gaurding Jacko
 •  A city cannot be smart until its security system is flawless
 •  Are we over looking security in our smart cities?
 •  Safer citizens: The key to smart cities
 •  Re-Writing the Rules
 •  Topsgrup to raise $100 million from international PE firms
 •  The Business of Bodyguards
 •  TOPSGRUP Security Services: 'Dependable and Available'
 •  TOPSGRUP to raise over 150Cr private equity investments
 •  Pak Attack to Fuel Demand for Pvt Security by Schools
 •  Topsgrup set to buy South Indian company
 •  Public spots to corporate requirements: Security firms are quietly raking in the moolah
 •  For extra security need, take help from Private Security Agency
 •  Bharti Airtel outsources security contracts to Topsgrup
 •  Diwali Gains Political Patronage As NRIs Heft Grows
 •  One to One with keith Vaz MP
 •  Leadership Tips with Richie Nanda.
 •  Enterprise Q&A with EDGE Magazine.
 •  The security group that guards the City's elite.
 •  Bharti Airtel outsources security contracts to Topsgrup
 •  Proud to introduce our new slogan ‘Securing India’ which exemplifies what we truly stand for.
 •  TOPSGRUP secures IPL sixth year in a row.
 •  Tops now secures ‘Essar Oil’s, Durgapur plant’ with its 1049 guards.
 •  Tops is securing ‘VIVIANA Mall – Thane’, your shopping is safer now.
 •  Tops partners with ‘FORTIS HEALTH CARE LIMITED’ to ensure that your health & life are in safer hands.
Welcome to TOPSGRUP
TOPSGRUP is a leading ISO 9001:2008 certified, Total Security Solutions group offering bespoke security and safety solutions to thousands of delighted customers across the world and employs over 93,000 trained human capital assets. TOPSGRUP offers a holistic approach to mitigating enterprise continuity risks across India and the United Kingdom and has ambitious plans of expanding to other corners of the world including Australia, Asia, China, Africa, Europe and USA. TOPSGRUP operates out of 120 offices around the world and is globally headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

TOPS believes that sharing ideas & knowledge build trusting relationships and make a difference.

2007-08 was a landmark year when we committed to making TOPS an Indian company with a global reach.

TOPSGRUP's connect with the Fourth Estate.
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